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Bas Stroosnijder

Hi, as can be read in this post, I’m Bas. A Software engineer with a clear vision on software and how a team should operate. My friends would tell you that I’m very much focused on furthering my personal development and that I’m a life hacker. I believe this is backed up by my sense of curiosity and drive to explore and engage in new activities wherever I can in life. I love sharing my findings with others and helping them improve as well, nothings beats seeing that click in someones eyes just as they get something right.

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My skills as seen through this blog
Senior Software Developer @ Cargoguide
At Cargoguide I help in building an app, helping freight forwarders get the best price for their freight. Connecting them to freight carriers. We do this with Azure, C#, .netcore, SQL Server and React as a frontend. I work on supporting the team and helping them in making technical decisions
Lead Developer @ PGGM
My resposibilities range from helping my team in architectual design decisions, rebooting a server when needed and even helping resolve quarrels between us and other teams over code review comments. As Lead, I mainly help the team improve in their CI and CD goals.
Preact Bulma Components @ Github

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Preact Bulma Components is an NPM package that wraps the Bulma.io classes in Preact components

Senior Developer @ PGGM
My initial assignment at PGGM was “bring fresh idea’s into the organization” and helping with getting an old monolithinc enterprice application off it’s butt and moving at a faster pace.
Senior Engineer @ DotControl
Responsible for the development of the Eventler ticketing software. This included the online web system as well as the offline ticket scan module. I used my knowledge of GIT to help DotControl get a better grip on on their releasing strategy by using a simplified version of githubflow. This also enabled my to, with the help of jenkins en later bitbucket pipelines, to setup an simple CI street with automated testing. To facilitate more regular releases we used an Microsoft Azure environment with a live instance and a staging instance which we could swap around at any point
Intern @ DotControl
My assignment was to R&D an offline ticketing module that could be used to handle large volumes of guests at once without an internet connection. The modules use the local network to communicate with eachother in order to keep track of which instance handled which guests. They are also capable of sending their data back to a single central server.