Review - Personal Trainer Luc Ludkiewicz

Bas Stroosnijder

Fitness has always interested me. I’ve been doing it on and off for about 2 years now but wasn’t getting the results I wanted. So I’ve decided to hire a Personal Trainer.

Luc Ludkiewicz

personal trainer
Helping my clients grow, physically as well as mentally, by means of sports is my goal. My motto is: "Do something today that your future self will thank you for..."

The intake was quite unusual. First of all, he approached me in my gym. Apparently I wasn’t squatting properly. We had a big discussion about what is and isn’t the proper way to squat and he even showed and helped me with my squat. Bear in mind that he approached me and I hadn’t payed a dime yet. After that he told me we could do a free introduction session, where he’d go along with me to see if I could improve in other area’s as well.

So for me, this is where the first issue became apparent. The language barrier. While he does have a good grasp of the Dutch language, he does have a very thick accent which made it hard to understand what he was saying at times. This was especially troublesome in the first few session. However, once you get to know the guy a bit better, it becomes a lot easier to understand him.

In spite of the language barrier Luc was still able to help me with all my exercises. He explained how, why and when to tense certain muscles and yelled the neccecery encouragements while I was performing them. This helped me a lot in exercises like the bench press and the lat-pulldown, with the latter exercise I discovered a totally new muscle!

For the next few weeks, Luc would accompany me on my weekly training days. He was very flexible with his schedule and if he was in the gym would always be willing to help or give some tips. We covered all the basics and some not so basic routines. At around the half way points he asked me if I wanted help with my diet as well, so we sad down after the training and started discussing my end goals and how macro’s and enough calories could help me bulk up more.

As I am writing this, about five weeks into me working at the schedule provided by Luc, I have been getting a lot of comments about me looking a lot stronger physically and those complements in term motivate me further to keep up my new routine. I can honestly say that I have been positively supprised by Luc and how he fills his roll as personal trainer. He is honest and quite direct in his advice, which is something I personally appreciate a lot.

I still see Luc from time to time at my gym and we’ll make a talk and he anwsers some of my questions.