Why I love sports so much

Bas Stroosnijder

So recently, while cleaning my house, I discovered that I currently own more pairs of sport shoes than regular shoes. This made me realize how important sports are for me.

I like a lot of sports. I’ve got my own mountainbike, snowboard, a danceschool membership, a gym membership, and am considering getting some climbing gear. I often wonder where I get the time to partake in so many sports.

But there is a good reason for why I like sporting this much. I sport in order to refill my energy reserves. Plain and simple. To make it a bit more visual, imagine a giant bucket. And this bucket contains all the energy I can spend at any given moment. When I go to work or when I socialize with people, this bucket drains a little bit. Over the course of the day the bucket gets close to empty but stops just shy of being completely empty. When I go to bed this bucket is refilled again and the bucket is full again. But remember that little bit of energy left over from the day before? That energy becomes stale for me. And over the course of a few days I build up a lot of stale energy.

Now, in order to get the bucket completely empty I have to expend a large amount of energy. Getting those last few percentages of energy out of there requires a lot of work. I have found that sporting helps tremendously with this. Because I mainly practice sports which allow you to focus completely on what you’re doing, not having to worry about what the rest of the team is doing, I can push myself to and across my own limits. Improving myself each time I workout. This helps me empty my bucket and allows my to enjoy a full bucket of fresh energy at the start of the next day.